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Our Philosophy.

We work to ignite the genuine moments that made you fall in love. Our photojournalistic style tells your unique story from tiny details you specifically choose for your new beginning to the candid shots in-between moments. This style insures that when you look back on your albums and wall art in 15 or 50 years, they will spark joy, laughter, and maybe even some tears.

Your love story is worth capturing beautifully.








Toni Burns

Hey y’all! I’m the photographer for Parallel Summit. I adore every stage of motherhood and love to help other women SHINE and show their genuine LOVE through visual storytelling. Other than being a badass photographer, I am a lover of Jesus, adventure, travel, and supporting my husband through his military career.

Other fun facts about me:

• I eat 95% vegetarian and my favorite food is sautéed kale.

• I’m not really into rollercoasters.

• I love tv shows about crime (SVU!) or documentaries, double bonus if it’s a documentary about crime.

Hey y’all!

Trebor Burns

Hey! In 2020 I will be the videographer of this duo. Like you see above my name is Trebor. People usually say Trevor, but my parents named me after my dad Robert (with the letters reversed). I enjoy riding my motorcycle and cycling on my off days. If I’m not hanging out with Toni and the kids at home we’re probably running errands. I make the best puns a dad can make and hate riding in the passenger seat while Toni is driving.

Other interesting facts about me:

• I am currently in the Air Force and we’ve lived outside of the US for longer than we have in the US (as adults).

• I love to cook and my favorite recipe I make at home is Vodka Penne Pasta. My favorite restaurant meal is (in Italy at Montecorno Grill) macaroni flambé.

• I was in Christian band in high school and played electric guitar.