do you offer mini-sessions?

Of course! These sessions are only offered a few times per year. Sign up for the Baby Luna Photography newsletter to be the first to know about 2019 mini-sessions!

What is the “golden Hour?”

For outdoor sessions the best light comes right at sunrise or 1.5-2 hours before sunset. If we’re shooting in your home, the best light depends on where your windows are! If you have east-facing windows, we’ll want to do a morning session; if you have west-facing windows, afternoon may be best.

will you be helping with posing?

Absolutely! I will be helping you and prompting you throughout your entire session if necessary. My goal is to get you as comfortable as possible, so I can get the natural look you want to achieve!


what is an in-home session?

In-home sessions are where I get to capture your family in their natural habitat. Lifestyle photography gives a real look at your family. What are the core activities that you do at home? Cook a meal, snuggle in bed, read a story in the nursery? All of those things are what I want to focus on during the in-home sessions.

What if my house isn’t clean?

Let me make this clear, I have two kids so I totally get it! Clutter doesn’t bother me - if we need to move things during the session I’ll help you out.

what if my kids are having a bad day?

Don’t worry about that! I have a few ways to win over kiddos and get them involved in the session. The best thing I can tell you is to relax, enjoy the experience and I’ll get baby to give me their signature smile (or funny face).