Unplugged: We Don't Have WiFi at Home

Alright, I have a confession to make. The FIRST purchase I made when we moved from Italy to New Jersey was getting WiFi setup in our new home. I thought, there is absolutely NO WAY we can live without internet in the house if we wont have our household goods delivered for 6-8 weeks. If you’re in the military and have moved from an overseas location you know the struggle I am talking about. But, if you aren’t in the military or maybe never lived overseas then let me explain briefly. First, you pack up your belongings at your old house keeping the essentials at least two weeks before you move, then you travel and live totally out of a suitcase for 8-12 weeks until your ENTIRE HOUSE is delivered to your new house at your new base. Then how long does it take you to find the winter clothes you packed 3 months ago in the PCS blur??

I am stressing just thinking about doing that again, but it’s part of military life and I would do it all over again if it meant we’d get to live somewhere awesome. Anyways, back to the real reason for this blog post. In October, like last month October, we got rid of our WiFi and cable! Gasp! I was dead set on having it but after we reevaluated our family’s goals/priorities television just was not that high on the list anymore. 

We aren’t completely off the grid because obviously a big part of my job is communication between clients online. I have a website, this blog, my online print ordering, and social media upkeep that is for the Baby Luna Photography portion of my life. We recently switched to Sprint so we have an iPad with unlimited data and a streaming service. Phew! Sounds less crazy now, right? 

How are we surviving? So far, so good. We’re using those DVDs that were just collecting dust for the kids when they are allowed to have some tv time. Mostly, they are now playing with each other more, coloring beautiful art, and playing outside when the New Jersey wind isn’t howling. I make trips to Starbucks when I need something more than my iPad hotspot (photo upload days) but other than that this is totally doable. Our internet/cable will was $150 per month and completely dictated our life. Once I decided I didn’t need it anymore all I had to do was convince Trebor that it was a good experiment for when we move into the RV.  

Resources I’ve found since “unplugging:”

  • 87 FSS Library on McGuire AFB for books, DVDs, and a quiet place 

  • Starbucks for free Wifi

Household items useless without WiFi:

  • Amazon Echo Dot

  • WiFi printer

  • In-home security cameras

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