2018 Review

It seems odd to be doing a year in review considering I haven’t been in business for the full year of 2018, but none the less, I think reflection is such an important part of growth. So, for now, I’ll reflect on how 2018 showed me I’ve got no idea what I’m doing and that’s perfectly okay.

Each member of my family went through some pretty massive changes in 2018. Adric started school at a full-day program, Stella discovered her inner queen (now it’s an outer queen), Trebor mastered a new job in the Air Force, and I discovered my purpose was not to work a fulltime job but to be home to see all of those changes happening in real time. The cruel thing about time is the amount of it that goes by unnoticed. When I finally realized that this year, Trebor and I spent a lot of time talking about things that happened a decade ago… LIKE HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE?? We’re approaching 30 and that looks much different then we thought it would.

Now that I know the truth about time I’ve become much more INTENTIONAL about the important things / people in my life. I have spent too much time on things that don’t really matter over the years and I hope that this year I made a small shift that will eventually change the trajectory of our entire life.

Moving into 2019 we will be focused on financial independence (debt free by 30), enjoying moments to make memories, AND the incredible opportunity for me to live my dream: helping other women reach their highest potential with THE TRUTH about business, parenting, and self-worth.

2018 in a nutshell: doctors visits, discovered my purpose, & overwhelming blessings.