NYC Girls Trip 2019 | Visiting NYC with my BFF

nyc is my favorite place in the us.


traveling to new places is me in my happy place, where can we meet up for your session?

Sessions I am dreaming of doing in NYC…

  • epic proposal

  • adventure engagement session

  • ballerina on pointe

  • elopement in central park

  • but, actually anything you can dream of…

Overlooking from Highline Park in New York City
Street Art in NYC at World Trade Center
Beautiful art at World Trade Center in NYC

beauty in the wake of pain.

the street art in the WTC district was seriously inspiring. I have a hard time taking pictures near the Reflection Pools at the World Trade Center site but they have done an amazing job at taking the area and restoring it to something that people can feel something other than sorrow.

dont worry, the sorrow is still there and if you were alive when 9/11 happen, I highly recommend going to see the 9/11 Tribute just down the road from the 9/11 Museum.


If you haven’t been to Chelsea Market, GO! Run, fly, subway, metro… get there. Because the food is AWESOME, shops are cool, and there is a little Italian Market that took me right back to my neighborhood grocery store when we lived near Lake Garda.

Other highlights of the trip:

  • The most delicious arthichoke pizza from Artichoke Basille’s

  • Walking to the tip of Battery Park at sunset and seeing Lady Liberty

  • Trying crazy donuts in Chelsea Market and video taping our reactions.

    • We tried two flavors at the Doughnuttery - PBCP (Peanut Butter, Cayenne, Pretzels) - which tasted like straight up cayenne and I thought my mouth was going to burn off. && then SPECKLED STRAWBERRY (Strawberry, Lemon-Thyme, Rainbow Sprinkles) Which was described to me as “a grown up, mature strawberry” flavor but literally it tasted like the Earth. So.. if you are into those flavors (or not) give them a try. I loved seeing them making the donuts right in the shop.

Statue of Liberty view from Battery Park

If you find yourself and NYC, looking for a photographer willing to walk 16 miles in a day… look no further!