Nathan & Jordan | A Lifestyle Couple Session

Nathan & Jordan | A Lifestyle Couple Session

In-home, lifestyle couples session

Toni Burns, Parallel Summit Creations

Next day bookings don’t make it onto my schedule often, but Jordan and Nathan were the perfect models for our couple session. We had a blast and I adored how committed they were to helping me and Alyssa from Oceans to mountains photography with our session!

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On top of being absolutely adorable and totally goofy with each other, this session was extra special because Jordan will be leaving for Basic Training in just a couple of weeks. Military couples are obviously near and dear to my heart but these two used to live in Aviano. Aviano was where Trebor and I met and during our session we talked about our favorite local restaurants and they laughed at me speaking in Italian.

Staircase snuggling
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Other than picking out the perfect outfits and telling us that they’ve known each other since SECOND GRADE, Jordan is such an awesome interior designer! The southwestern decor and twinkle lights were giving me that perfect homey feeling.

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Hello Deary
Dancing in the living room