Kevin & Kim | Medford Coffee House Couples Session

Parallel Summit Creations, Toni Burns 

Couples Photography session Medford, New Jersey


Do you know a couple that is just head over heels in love? Like you see them together and you are like  

woah! how do they do it?

its like straight out of a movie or a country song kind of adoring each other.  

Say hello to Kevin & Kim  


I loved their session because they were both game for whatever! We explored the cute town of Medford, NJ and spent some time sipping coffee at Harvest Coffee Cafe

((definitely check this place out because the staff is bomb & they make some awesome avocado toast))  


Anyways... less food talk and more about this cute couple.  



I mean look how she’s looking at him?? These are the moments I’m striving to capture. So invite me along on your date! 

These moments together are so important (especially for parents) and I can imagine that one day then their boys are looking at an album of mom and Day they’ll cringe at the kisses but then they’ll grow up and treasure the true love they grew up and had a front row seat to. 


Couples in love make my heart feel so full!