My Boudoir Experience

here it is yall…

you are about to get to know me a little bit more!

Toni cozies up during a boudoir session with a grey sweater.jpg

I think it is super important to share this session with you because this is WHY I want to offer fun, real, and empowering boudoir sessions to my clients.

Allison from Allison McCafferty Photo seriously made me fall in love with how I look, who I am, and captured the real essence of who I am during our session. Trebor (my hubby) had no idea what this session was and it was an awesome surprise to give him something so real and true to me.

Bright pink lingerie boudoir session
black and white boudoir of Toni laying on the bed laughing

what i thought boudoir was..

when I answered Allison’s model call for boudoir my initial thoughts were, “holy shit, what did I just get myself into?” and “yikes, is my body ready for that much camera time?”

so see… even for the most confident girl in any room (me) I struggled before my session. I didn’t know what would happen, if I would like ANY of the pictures and most of all I didn’t want to have to be serious and sexy because that is 100% not who I am.

Allison took my weariness and washed it completely away with an awesome radio station & making me feel sooo comfortable. We had ideas for the session but mostly we just flowed and connected really well. Allison was sweet and reminded me when I looked to serious and gave me all the cues I needed to get these awesome shots.


what I brought to my session…

is there a way to say a whole bunch of stuff other than saying #allthethings? I dont know but thats how I would describe the sweaters, stockings, lingerie, jeans, and a hat….as you can see from the pictures we were short on clothes (or were we?)

So my recommendation for anyone booking boudoir is bring everything. Maybe you love something that day or we can work together to make you love a new piece that you hadn’t even popped the tags off of yet. Either way, more is better in this situation.

how i felt after…

blown away. empowered. in love. excited. thankful.

I had never seen myself in this light… I never knew I was capable of being “sexy” and I walked away from my session with Allison feeling like a brand new woman.

Thus, when I expanded my business to elopements I thought that its crucial for me to offer this to future brides. What a gift to give or an experience to have to boost your self-esteem! I honeslty can’t think of a better way to give yourself some love.