Chelsea Market NYC Triangle Gears

Chelsea Market NYC Triangle Gears

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Chelsea Market in NYC, New York was so interesting and full of beautiful little nooks.

Print will come matted and ready to be framed, removing the opportunity to damage the print. Preserving the prints quality is our highest calling.

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museum etching

This Archival Matte Paper has the most texture of all the papers we offer. It's also the thickest and heaviest. Print life expectancy with proper care is 120 years.

Though it has a the most texture it prints beautifully for all types of photographs, including portraits. This is a natural base paper so it has a slight warm feel to it. It weighs 350 gsm and is 100% cotton!


Material: 100% Cotton

Weight: 350gsm

Opacity: 99%

Acid Free: Yes

OBA Content: None

Thickness: 60mm

Surface Finish: Matte

Color: Natural White

We have selected Musea Lab for their impecable quality and high standard of care from creation to delivery. Find out more about the print longevity here .