we are passionate about three things:
family, faith, and exploration!

if you are planning on eloping or want an adventure anniversary session BUT you aren’t sure where you want to go, we’ve got a list of places right here for you! We want to see as much (actually all) of the world and if we can do it with some cool people along the way that’s what we are all about. Toni has a personal goal of seeing & exploring every country in the world, you know all 195 of them. Currently, she’s seen 18.

so…because we’re trying to explore new places and you want to take us there.. we will be giving a sweet package discount. the discount varies based on location and package that you choose so definitely contact us if you are interested in these boss locations:

  • banff national park

  • ireland

  • iceland

  • moab, utah

  • hawaii

  • desert in new mexico

  • bali

  • mount cook, new zealand

  • bryce canyon, utah

  • japan

  • egypt

  • peru

  • morocco

  • redwood national forest, california

this list will forever be growing but for now.. that’s all we’ve got. these are in no particular order and if you know of somewhere legit near these areas let us know! We want all the adventure, all the time. There is no dumb ideas when it comes to travel.

let our travel bucket list help you.